Parent & Littles Classes

Class Descriptions

Baby & Me, Music & Play (Pre-Walkers)

1 1/2 hour

This class encourages early infant social and physical development in a comfortable and friendly environment, through interactive play with music, song, and lots of props. Since infants have such different schedules, each meet up parents can drop in at any time during the 1 1/2 hour time slot to get some play in with fellow babies and parents. An instructor will pop in songs and activities throughout (including bubbles, parachute, scarves and other fun sensory items), around casual playtime. Those standing and cruising are welcome.

Little Movers (Beginner walkers to 24 months)

45 minutes

These classes allow children to interact with other kids in a broader age group that encourages different levels of development. Classes include lots of song, movement and interactive play, as well as time to work on different gross motor skills, parachute time & bubble time. Lots of social time and time to explore makes these classes jam packed with fun!

Little Ballerinas (2 – 4 years old)

45 minutes

This class introduces basic ballet techniques through music, movement and balance, while becoming familiar with dance terms.  The students may not have mom or another loved one directly by their side during this class, so this class is great for children learning to participate in a class on their own.

Creative Dance (2 – 5 years old)

45 minutes

This class blends movement, music, and basic dance steps that allows kids to work on self expression where there’s no right or wrong way of moving! Kids will do a lot of improvised movements that still help build fundamental dance techniques while using a range of props alongside other dancers!

Little Sports (18- 24 months & 2-3 years old)

45 minutes

This class provides an introduction to fundamental sports skills with the use of balance beams, tumbling, and ball handling. Children will practice physical skills, while focusing on listening, patience, following direction, and teamwork.

Little Tunes Music Class (4 years & Under)

45 minutes

Be ready to lift, bounce, and dance with your child as they explore and react to new sounds, sensations and objects.  Strengthen your bond with your child, connecting through joyful music-making experiences. This class is great for siblings.

story time
messy art mom and meMessy Art (6-24 months & 2-4 years old)

45 minutes

This colorful and messy class is a great introduction to sensory play where parents and children get to bond as they stimulate the senses and are introduced to a new experience. Children learn self-expression, the very first steps of blending colors, cause and effect, and so much more!

Kidding Around Yoga (2 years & older)

45 minutes

‘Kidding Around Yoga’ is a unique way to introduce children to yoga, mindfulness, self-regulation, body awareness, and physical conditioning in a fun and engaging way utilizing music, dance, games, and yoga poses. Children can bring a towel or yoga mat. Parents can either observe or jump in by child’s side!

Play Dates (All Ages)

1 hour

These play dates bring parents and friends together where everyone can play and socialize! Some play dates will include a fun activity or topic such as a clothing exchange, where to start when beginning pre-school, Doula support, military spouse connection, re-entering the workforce, and more.
Kid & Me Workout Class (3 years & Older)

45 minutes

This class teaches kids the value of exercise and a healthy lifestyle at an early age as children channel their high level of energy into fun fitness activities that develop cardiovascular endurance. Parent & child will workout alongside one another during the circuit training where they will complete a specific exercise at their own pace. Parents may observe if child is comfortable working out on his/her own. Parents may also observe if bringing a younger sibling and supervise on the side.

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