About The Little Place

The Little Place aims to bring the comforts of a home environment to a public space where there is more variety in the day and the opportunity to meet other people. Many moms struggle with wanting to get out of the house and provide something fun to do with their child, while also connecting them with other families in the community. We want The Little Place to provide an option for parents to participate in a more structured Mommy & Me Class, but also the option to drop in to a less structured Playtime, Play Date, or support group. The Little Place wants to be a fun option for parents in the Stafford area to take their children, particularly for our youngest crowd. As well as a gathering spot for moms, whether it be a Mommy & Me class, an exercise class, or weekly social activity.

Unlike most “kids gyms”, The Little Place will not have complicated policies when it comes to billing, child sick cancellations, and overall communication. There is no commitment to a set amount of classes. Simply sign up as you go when you see a class on the schedule that you’d like to attend. Your child wakes up sick in the morning? Cancel out of your class early and come back when feeling better.  You have an infant that you were up all night feeding, and you’re tired but still wish for some other mom interaction? Come hang out for some small talk out of the house, some baby play mats and toys, and if you ask, we may happen to have that cup of coffee waiting for you!

About Me

Andrea and Mallory

As a stay at home mom in a new city with my first child under one, it was hard to find activities that engaged my daughter during the day. After having little luck finding new places and faces where she could naturally cultivate her different areas of development, as well as connect myself with other mothers, The Little Place came to be. My hope for The Little Place is to provide a fun, positive and supportive atmosphere where parents can bring children as young as infants to participate in a variety of programming that get them moving and exploring, singing and learning, and general play time with fellow littles. Furthermore, a place that offers mommy wellness programming with exercise classes, informative sessions, or just a safe space where moms can come together to discuss parenting life. I want The Little Place to be BIG on connecting parents and children within the community. Your place is OUR place, so as we grow, please let us know what would make The Little Place be your place to be.

-Andrea Dudley

* Please note that “mom” is interchangeable with all fathers, caregivers, grandparents, siblings, sitters, etc. The Little Place was inspired by a mom, for moms, but all individuals are welcome to participate with their child.